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Toby Frost: I have taste

Some things you may find interesting

Here are links to, well, things I like. Some are by friends, others things that have been recommended, and others still are just plain strange.

My Tumblr page

Yes, seriously


Jess Nevin's Fantastic Victoriana site - Victorian pulp science fiction, explained!

Verulam Writers' Circle

The world's best writing group, almost guaranteed.

Thursday Design

Designs by my friend Owen, creator of excellent images for the Space Captain Smith website. Of particular note are his posters for films about fish.

Dr Zeus

Over 100 years of book covers for The War of the Worlds!

Two excellent Mervyn Peake sites

Gormenghast Castle and Mervyn Peake 100th anniversary site

Other writing

A number of short reviews, as well as some shameless self-promotion, can be found on SFF Chronicles SFF Chronicles. Don't forget that the Space Captain Smith Christmas stories are all up on the Smith Website as well, right HERE.