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Science fiction, fantasy, adventure


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Toby Frost: some words about me

Guaranteed approximately true

I always wanted to write a novel, although I expected it would be rather more issues-driven than Space Captain Smith (Smith is rocket-driven, and all the better for it). So, I did some scribblings between 12 and 18, none of which will be seeing the light of day.

While at university, I wrote the first story that I'm still proud of, a black comedy called Big Coats. It may be the only cyberpunk novel in which the characters go on holiday to Cornwall ("Write what you know", they say).

Around 2000, when I was unemployed and thoroughly annoyed, I wrote City of Knives (very much a working title then and now), chapters of which are available on this site. Shortly after that, I also got to provide half a dozen film reviews to The DVD Stack, which is still out there and for which I'm exceedingly grateful.

The big break, however, came in being a runner-up in a writing competition in the Daily Telegraph. Their "Novel in a Year" column asked for the opening of a story, and I reached the last 50 entries. At about the same time, Myrmidon Books decided to accept Space Captain Smith for publication, and once a lot of typos had been removed and a very good cover added, I had an actual novel on sale.

So what now? Well, I'm working on a variety of things at the moment, all of which are of course top secret: partly to give myself an aura of entirely spurious mystery, and partly in case they turn out to be dreadful, in which case I'll simply deny their existence like a failed coup. However, I'm hoping to see more stories in print over the next year or so. I'll put up more details as appropriate, so keep watching!